Price comparison sites work by comparing the exchange rates and delivery charges from a range of travel money providers to help customers figure out who will give them the best value. Most will allow you to either set a budget in pounds sterling, or an amount you want to receive in the foreign currency.

We provide a live feed of our exchange rates to the price comparison sites. Some will check those rates regularly to update their site, and others only update occasionally. For most travel money providers who set their exchange rates once or twice day, the exchange rate you see on the price comparison site is the same as you will find on the provider's own site (although you have use the link provided by the price comparison site as some providers offer different exchange rates depending on whether you visit them directly or via a price comparison site). For TMC, as we update our rates in real time you may be seeing an out-of-date exchange rate on some price comparison sites.

If you have a budget in pounds sterling, for example £1000, the price comparison site will deduct any delivery charges from that budget and multiple the remaining amount by the exchange rate they are currently offering. So if the delivery charge is £4.95, then the available pounds sterling to exchange for currency is £995.05.

Here's an example. TMC charges £4.95 delivery with an exchange rate of 1.13, and another offers free delivery with an exchange rate of 1.10. The price comparison site will rank TMC above the free delivery provider because we will give you 1,124.40 and the other provider 1,100.00 (24.40 less).

However, remember the actual quote for TMC was for £955.05 and NOT £1,000. So when you head to our site, you will only get the same 1,124.40 quote if you input £955.05 in pounds sterling. We'll also round this down to the nearest foreign currency note - in this case 1,120.00.

If you ask for £1,000 on our site, you will receive the large amount of 1,130.00 but you will also pay an additional £4.95 delivery. Of course as you get the better rate from us, spending more pounds sterling will only increase the gain on the foreign currency you receive.

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