Know the rate you want to buy your currency at but don't want to keep watching exchange rates. Worried about missing a great exchange rate while you are sleeping, walking the dog or tied up in meetings? Then let us automatically buy your currency at your preferred exchange rate using Forward order - part of the Clever Currency toolkit.

Just pick a currency and start a Forward order, telling us your target exchange rate, what card to use, where to deliver and the amount to spend. Then sit back and relax while we monitor exchange rates for you. If and when your target rate is reached, we will automatically buy your currency.

You need to have the funds available on your card when you create the Forward order, and when it executes, or the order will not complete. 

We'll let you know the order has executed and when you can expect delivery. If the order executes before the daily deadline on any business day, then we will deliver by 1pm on the next business day. If it after the daily deadline or over a weekend, then we will deliver in two business days.

You cannot start an Instant order with a pending Forward order, but you can cancel a pending Forward order at any time before it executes.

This feature is only available to Premium accounts. You can upgrade from a Standard account at any time to access this feature.

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