This guide explains how to stop emails from going to spam by whitelisting them on Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, and Hotmail domains. Please note that if you have signed up with a company or business email address, there may be additional security in place, and you will need to speak to the domain owner (usually an IT professional within your organization) to discuss whitelisting and

Whitelisting confirms with emailing providers that you would like to see emails from a certain address. Email providers sometimes mistakenly block or put emails into spam if they suspect that the email does not want to be seen by you.

Messages and invoices from us will be from the and domains.

If you wish to change the email address on your account, rather than making the changes below, simply sign into the app or and do this under Account > Your details.

To make sure you receive all our email messages without interruption, please add and to the trusted domains/senders in your email software.

Whitelisting on Gmail

There are multiple methods for ensuring emails from Travel Money Club make it to your inbox:

1. Go to the spam folder, search for the and email addresses, select the checkboxes for any emails you encounter with those addresses, and then click ‘not spam’ on the top of the interface.

2. Add the address to your contacts. Go to the top right of your emails to the grid icon, click it, and scroll down and click into ‘Contacts’, where you can click ‘add contact’ on the top left to add the address. Addresses saved as contacts are far less likely to go to Spam.

3. Create a filter for the address. Log in and go to the cog icon on the top right corner of the screen and click ‘Settings’. Click on Filters & Blocked Addresses > Create a new filter. Enter the and addresses in the ‘from’ section and select ‘create filter’. Tick ‘Never send it to spam.

The Travel Money Club addresses will now make it through to your Gmail’s inbox going forward.

Whitelisting on Yahoo! Mail

1. Add the Travel Money Club addresses to your contacts. Click the contact icon on the top right of the interface; your contacts will display in the list below. Just below the bottom of the list is the ‘Add a new contact' button, where you can begin to add the address in.

2. Take the email out of spam. Click into your spam inbox and then click the top search bar and enter the and email addresses. Select any emails you see from there and click ‘not spam’ towards the top of the inbox.

3. Like Gmail, you can also create a filter. Go to the Settings Cog icon towards the top right and click ‘more settings' on the bottom of the pop-up. Then, select ‘filters’ and ‘add new filters’ just to the right of that. Input the email into the ‘from’ field and choose ‘inbox’ as the folder to move to.

Whitelisting on Microsoft Email Domains (Outlook, Hotmail, Windows Live, and MSN Mail)

1. Sign in to your account on Outlook and add the and addresses to your contacts. Go to the people icon towards the bottom left of the screen on your PC or tap the ‘search’ icon on your phone. Click ‘create +’ and add the email in there.

2. Add safe senders to your account. Click on the Settings cog icon, and click on ‘view all outlook settings’, If ‘Email’ does not display. Once done, hit the ‘Junk Email’ option and click ‘add’ under the ‘Safe Senders and Domains’ header. Type the address and then hit ‘enter’ to confirm it as a safe sender address.

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