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We always offer our Premium customers unbeatable exchange rates or we’ll refund double the difference

**Please note that this guarantee does not apply to Standard customers or guests**

Everyone in the cash foreign exchange industry makes their money the same way - by taking a margin on the conversion of sterling to the foreign currency. Some take a little, some take a lot, but they all take something - so the more currency they sell the more profit they make. We are the only provider that not only takes no commission, we make no margin on the sale either. That's right, we don't make any profit - not even a fraction of a penny - out of providing you with foreign currency. And because we don't take a margin, we can offer you better exchange rates than any other provider. Our profit comes from the Premium subscription fees you pay us to access our market-leading exchange rates.

We want our Premium customers to ALWAYS get the best exchange rates from us, so our Unbeatable Exchange Rates Guarantee means that we will refund you Double the Difference between the total cost of our order and the total cost from our competitor for the same order. 

We impose some reasonable conditions on this guarantee, not to avoid having to pay out but rather to ensure we are compared fairly with our competitors and are not the subject of commercial sandbagging.

How to determine the competitor’s exchange rate:

The Guarantee applies to exchange rates advertised online for UK customers or in a UK retail outlet for instant purchase and next business day collection or delivery.

The Guarantee only covers rates available for purchase of the same amount of currency, and the amount required must be in stock at the time of order. 

The Guarantee only covers rates available to the general public and not to staff, members or to other selected groups or individuals.

The Guarantee only applies to a bona fide exchange rate offered by another foreign currency retailer who offers a lower rate in the ordinary course of business of offering foreign exchange to travellers in the UK. 

The rates compared will not include any offers to buy-back unspent foreign currency. 

The price for comparison is the exchange rate excluding any processing, transaction or delivery fees. 

You are eligible to claim under the Guarantee if:

The competitor offered within 15 minutes of the order being acknowledged a better exchange rate than your Travel Money Club order (this means you receive more units of the foreign currency per 1 GBP)

You are a fee-paying 'Premium' subscriber to the Travel Money Club and your subscription fees are up-to-date.

You start a claim via our support system by the end of the business day after you placed your order

You can provide evidence of the competitor’s rates and total order value as specified below

We reserve the right to temporarily suspend this guarantee without notice if:

We experience a serious fault with our systems or third party systems on which we rely which means that our exchange rates are incorrectly advertised or out-of-date.

There are abnormal fluctuations in market rates, typically defined as an increase or decrease in the exchange rate of more than 5% within any 24 hour period.

You must provide evidence of the lower exchange rate and total order value for your claim:

A written quotation on company letterhead addressed to you (at the same home address as your account) and detailing the total order costs for the same amount of foreign currency (including transaction fees, processing fees and delivery fees) and stating the collection or delivery date and the exchange rate applied

A screenshot of the order on the competitor’s website at checkout stage awaiting only confirmation of the order, showing the total order costs for the same amount of foreign currency (including transaction fees, processing fees and delivery fees) and stating the collection or delivery date and the exchange rate applied

We reserve the right to validate your quotation and check the rates are the same as those publicly advertised by the competitor during the 15 minutes immediately before your order was acknowledged.

How do we calculate the value of the refund?

We take the total order value from the competitor – which must contain an exchange rate higher than that received from us – and the total order value from your order, and if the competitor value is lower the refund value is twice the difference (in sterling).

If the total competitor order value is higher than our total value, no refund is due even if their exchange rate is higher. This is because you have not been financially disadvantaged by the competitor’s higher exchange rate.

We use the total order value to protect us from competitors who chose to artificially hide their exchange rates by selling currency at a cheap rate then applying additional fees to create their margin.

What is the claim process?

Login to the app or website, open the support badge and start a new support conversation requesting the Unbeatable Exchange Rates Guarantee. 

Tell the agent about the currency, competitor, exchange rate and where you found it.

The agent will provide you with instructions on how to progress your claim, which you can choose to complete via the support conversation, email or by post.

Within 3 working days we will review your claim and if verified we will process a refund back to the card you used to pay for the order – subject to your order not having been cancelled or refunded already – or send you a Paypal link by email to claim the refund.

How to complain about a declined claim

If we decline your claim, you are entitled to contact the Advertising Standards Authority to raise a formal complaint (see 

Notice period
Travel Money Club may withdraw this Guarantee at any time and without notice in respect of orders which have not been acknowledged.

This guarantee is operated by the Travel Money Club, which is a trading name of TMC Applications Ltd, registered in England with company no 10059951 at 22 Great James Street, London WC1N 3ES.

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