If you cancel your paid subscription during the cooling off period, you will be entitled to a full refund of any subscription fees paid in the current membership period, subject to a £10 cancellation fee to cover the reasonable administrative costs of processing your cancellation. 

If you have received a free delivery during that period, you will also be required to reimburse us for the cost of that delivery before you can complete your cancellation. 

To cancel your subscription, simply use the "cancel" option found in the 'subscription' details under the 'account' menu. We will identify any additional payment required to exercise your right to cancel during the cooling off period.

We will deduct any additional charges from or refund any credit due to your existing subscription payment source. If you payment source is declined, you will need to provide a new source before you can cancel your subscription. Please note that it is the member's responsibility to ensure they have a valid payment source at all times, and additional time will not be added to the cooling off period in the event that the current payment source is no longer valid.

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