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4.21 Can I increase my annual allowance?

If you have a track record of placing travel cash orders with us, you can apply for an increase in the default annual allowance of £10,000. You can apply for any allowance value, but please bear in mind that the higher the allowance the more detail may be required about the source of funds and use of funds to satisfy our Compliance Team that the service is not being used for money laundering or other fraudulent activity.

In order to increase the existing allowance, UK financial regulations require us to undertake 'Enhanced Due Diligence' with you. You will need to complete both the online application form and the identity verification which follows by email.

Once the application is accepted we will apply the approved allowance within 2 working days and get in touch to confirm. Please note that you may not be approved for the allowance requested - we will confirm the authorised increase. You can apply multiple times for an increased allowance - but we advise this is done once your current allowance is at least 50% depleted.

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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