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5.04 Do you take payment in advance for forward orders?

When you place your Forward Order we will pre-authorise the funds on your payment card, so you must have sufficient funds available at this point. Unless you cancel the Forward Order, the pre-authorised funds may remain unavailable for up to 7 days, depending on your card issuer.

We only take funds from your card if and when the order is executed. You will need to ensure you have sufficient funds on your card to process payment when the order is executed, or we will simply cancel the order at this stage.

What is a pre-authorisation?

A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit or debit card that is provided upon booking. The pre-authorisation is not a charge and no funds have been debited from your account. However, it could take 3-4 days for those funds to show back into your account.

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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