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6.09 How do I claim a refund for Royal Mail non-delivery?


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Reporting your non-delivery to us
Obtaining a crime reference number
Submitting a claim to Royal Mail
Escalating a declined claim
Your right to Independent review
Receiving your refund
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1. Introduction

When you place an order through our website, your order is received and processed on our behalf by Travelex, one of the world’s largest wholesale currency suppliers. Travelex pick, pack and despatch your order alongside thousands of others every day, and Royal Mail then collect those orders and distribute them via their Special Delivery operation. The Royal Mail Special Delivery product includes insurance against loss of or damage to a delivery. Should your parcel not arrive – even if Royal Mail tracking reports that it has – you have the right to make a claim for loss under the Royal Mail Special Delivery service. As your delivery has been despatched through Travelex’s business account with Royal Mail, Travelex will need to submit the claim and follow Royal Mail’s very rigid process.

This article covers non-delivery where Royal Mail’s tracking claims successful delivery. Please see this article which covers non-delivery where tracking shows the item is stuck at a Royal Mail hub.

2. What’s new?

This is the first version of the article, so nothing to report just yet.

3. Reporting your non-delivery to us

It is essential that you contact us as soon as possible when Royal Mail tracking reports successful delivery but you have not received the order. However, before you do contact us please make the following checks:

Please check any communal areas where the postal officer might have left a parcel, even if that is not what they would usually do. Someone new or temporary could be covering your delivery route.

Please consult any immediate neighbours – even if you do not share a communal entrance – to see if the parcel was mis-delivered to them. We have known this to happen, albeit rarely.

Please double-check with anyone who could have been in your house at the reported time of delivery, including tradepersons and carers, just in case they were there unexpectedly and took in the parcel. Again, we have known this to happen.

Check the photo and confirm whether the photographed location is at or outside of your premises. This will be important information to feed back to Royal Mail. If it is not and you can provide a photo showing the equivalent location, that would help too.

You should contact us by signing in to your travel money account and use the live chat feature, as this provides us with the necessary identity checks to action your instructions. Otherwise, please call us on 0203 950 0660 between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in England.

4. Obtaining a crime reference number

Travelex require us to provide a crime reference number from the police when submitting an insurance claim to Royal Mail for non-delivery, where Royal Mail’s tracking shows successful delivery. This is because we could be pursuing an insurance claim for reimbursement of a lost delivery, and the underwriters require evidence that the loss has been formally recorded with the police. This does not mean that Royal Mail or its employees have done anything criminal – but if you claim the currency was not delivered and the postal officers claims it was, then there remains the possibility that something fraudulent has happened.

The quickest and easiest way to get a crime reference number is to call the police on 101. You can also use the online reporting tool at by following these steps:

Proceed as a victim and select "I can't find the relevant option" at the bottom of the screen.

Complete your details, and enter the GBP value of your order in the "How much money was asked for?" and "How much money was lost?" boxes, with "£0" in the "How much money was recovered?" box.

Select "Email communications" and "Other evidence".

Choose "Suspect company".

"Date of first contact" is the despatch date for your order, which you can find in the tracking information from Royal Mail.

Registration number is 04138203 and company address is is 100 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0HQ.

Enter 03457 740 740 as both the phone number and landline.

Royal Mail do not publish email addresses, so please use

Website is

Now provide an explanation of the incident. It is best to use your own words, but it useful to include the following:

Website you placed your order through, order number, order date, expected delivery date, GBP order value, foreign currency amount

Explanation that order was to be delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery and provide your tracking link

If tracking claims your order has been delivered, provide an explanation of why you claim it was not

Confirm that you need a crime reference number in order to submit a formal claim to Royal Mail for the missing delivery

Submit your report.

In some cases, you get a crime reference number immediately, if not you will need to wait to be notified by email.

Hopefully that will assist you to provide us with that all-important crime reference number - albeit we do not yet know if a crime was actually committed by a Royal Mail employee, or they simply made a mistake which Royal Mail will make good.

5. Submitting a claim to Royal Mail

To start your claim, you must complete a Royal Mail non-delivery report. We will be automatically notified of a new form being submitted, but it would be great if you could sign in to our travel money account and jump on the chat to confirm (or, if you've already been emailing us about this issue, you can simply reply to that email).

Scan the QR code to complete the report on your mobile device:

Scan the QR code

Due to the volume of contact received from Royal Mail's business and domestic customers each day, every incident must be formally reported to the Business Customer Services Team and allocated a claim reference number before Travelex can obtain any feedback from Royal Mail. In this situation, a formal investigation is always required because the postal officer's information now needs to be formally reviewed.

Travelex will automatically claim for the full cost of the order, providing your receipt as evidence of the total loss. Royal Mail will not provide compensation for consequential loss.

Royal Mail typically provide an initial response in a few working days, but it can take up to 10 working days for a formal review to be completed.

6. Escalating a declined claim

In the event that the Business Customer Services Team does not uphold your claim, Travelex will automatically escalate to the Business Escalation Team. If they do not uphold the claim, Travelex will escalate to the Commercial Escalation Team, which is the highest level of internal review. There is a right to external review if the claim is either not upheld by the Commercial Escalation Team or if 90 days have passed from the date of the initial complaint without a final decision being notified.

7. Your right to Independent review

If the Commercial Escalation Team reject your claim, or it the earlier processes take more than 90 days from the initial claim being submitted, then you may now take your complaint directly to the external and independent adjudicator, the Postal Redress Service (POSTRS). They will reach a decision within 30 working days of accepting the claim, and that decision is final and binding on Royal Mail. If your claim is upheld then Royal Mail have 20 working days to settle the agreed compensation. You can claim back the full cost of your order plus up to £50.00 for any "distress" caused by Royal Mail failing to adhere to its own complaints process.

8. Receiving your refund

If Royal Mail uphold your claim, we will refund the entire order value to you - typically through a bank transfer - within 3 working days, following which Royal Mail will settle the claim directly to Travelex. If POSTRS uphold your claim, then Royal Mail may be instructed to settle the claim to you directly and within 20 working days.


Updated on: 29/11/2023

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